Composing Tranquility
Like the sweetest melody where every note tinkles to perfection, RiverView alluringly merges a nature-laden landscape with modern and cozy homes to give you a relaxing and fulfilling lifestyle. Here, shelters and benches are interspaced throughout the lavishly landscaped and interconnected LinearPark and RiverWalk, bringing out the best of interactive living and co-existence among its residence and the natural flora and fauna. This is a natural sanctuary located within a mature township filled with abundant amenities and facilities to fulfill your every needs and fancies.
The Cascading Symphony
Feel energised as you spend memorable moments with your family. Strolling by the mesmerising RiverWalk, a park that stretches along the calming river and beside the entire development. Feel rejuvenated as you rest below the vast shade of the tall sweeping trees, or simply bask in the breathtaking views of the river and the magnificent hills. Either way, this is the place where the beautiful life enthralls you and your family.
Mature Nature
Immerse yourself in the nurturing flora and fauna of the LinearPark, a park that spans through the heart of the sanctuary, from the cascading calm river to the exhilarating peak. Behold the majestic quartz ridges and the idyllic Melawati township while resting at the lookout tower. RiverView homes exist in serene balance with the calm surroundings to create a nature inspired haven.
Stylish Semi-Detached Homes
Tastefully designed to ensure the comfort of its residents through well thought-out layouts, these stylish semi-detached homes combine modern architecture to blend with the natural beauty of the development. Permanent spaciousness is amplified through generous use of glass and double volume ceilings, resulting in luxurious comforts for you and your family. Each home is fitted with 5+1 ensuite bedrooms to cater for the future needs of the growing family. With 5 different designs, these homes will remain highly exclusive as they are stylish.
Exclusive Bungalow Homes
RiverView bungalow homes are highly exclusive with only 9 units and 5 designs. This ensures highly individualised homes, all adorned with harmonious water features that form the centre piece of the home. The double-volume living room and panoramic windows bring in the colours of nature and flood the homes with abundant light, ensuring a home that will impress your guests and appease your senses. This is the place for your total relaxation and unparalleled bliss.
Safeguarding Minds
Rest easily and breathe comfortably with RiverView’s 2-layer security system. With these complete features, you are able to thrive in rejuvenating settings with the utmost comfort and peace of mind. The envisioned security features are:-

External Control (1st Layer)

  • Controlled access via single point guardhouse, manned 24 hours
  • Controlled pedestrian access using proximity cards to the RiverWalk
  • Perimeter CCTV at close intervals
  • Regular security patrols

Internal Control (2nd layer)

  • Zone security at individual homes
  • Panic buttons for every floor
  • Infrared Motion Sensor
  • Intercom to Guardhouse