As an engineering company dealing with natural resources such as land and water, LLC has a Group-wide environmental policy that outlines our commitment to minimize and mitigate the environment impact of our activities, and to contribute to the surrounding community whenever possible. It is our belief that as a responsible corporate citizen, we have a role to play in the community and environment. Todate, we have ensured that we contribute to the surrounding community/environment in all our developments.

Leveraging on our expertise, LLC looks for areas to create maximum value for the environment and community. In RiverView Kemensah, LLC Properties invested millions to create a riverside park for recreation, exercise and family activities by rehabilitating the river side through stabilizing of the riverbanks and landscaping the entire area. To encourage the community to appreciate the beauty of rivers and respect as well as take responsibility of the environment, we built paved and pebbled paths, placed benches and tables, and erected shelters and landscape features for the enjoyment of the community. This effort was highly commended by the Department of Irrigation and Drainage and even WaterWatch Malaysia has utilized this beautified river several times to educate children on rivers. With the overwhelming success of this scheme, we have applied the same concept to the natural river in Idaman Hills.

In our recent completed projects, to enhance the lifestyle of the community and environment of the surrounding area, we have upgraded a communal road next to our Idaman Hills development leading to a “kampong?. This road was realigned, widened, paved, and proper signages and street lights installed to improve the safety of the community utilizing the road. In the Airie, Sri Damansara, we have created a park on two surrounding pieces of abandoned empty land. The Recreation Park has a healthy outdoor lifestyle theme and comprises of wild forest trees with Bicycle, jogging and walking tracks as well as picnic tables and a Children's playground.

LLC Properties is committed to contributing to the community and environment in the surrounding areas of its developments wherever possible.