A Realisation of Dreams
A Morning Muss Hovers Over The Undulating Landscape Of Idaman Hills As Cicadas Chirp An Enchanting Lullaby To Herald The Rising Sun.

Sitting on high ground, Idaman Hills is an exclusive enclave of freehold luxury Semi-Detached and Bungalow homes tucked away in a natural paradise of unspoiled greenery with a natural clear blue river. Amidst a backdrop of the hills of the Bukit Lagong Forest Reserve, this low-density gated ad guarded haven provides the bedrock to anchor your family life with the perfect setting for dreams to become reality.

Majestic Haven
An Exclusive Freehold, Gated And Guarded Enclave Of Semi-D And Bungalow Homes... A Status Symbol for Residents Who Buy Into This Lifestyle of Serenity and Sophistication.

Homes surrounded by a majestic environment of lavish landscaped parks interspaced with shady shelters and interconnecting paved walkways. A lifestyle of peace and privacy with constantly guarded homes set on wide tree-lined cul-de-sacs roads.

Exclusive Homes
Built With Elegance And Flair, Homes In Idaman Hills Feature A Tropical Facade That Is At Once Impressive And Luxurious.

Natural materials like stone and timber are used liberally in the architecture to create homes that are outstanding and yet part of the natural surroundings. Fully air-conditioning living areas, dining and family halls are spacious to cater for the growing family as well as provide opportunities to entertain friends and relatives in comfort and style. Generous usage of glass sliding doors and large length glass windows maximize air and light flow blurring the lines between homes and the lush outdoors.

Family Bonds
Idaman Hills Homes Are Designed With Airy And Light-Filled Living, Dining And Family Areas To Promote Interaction And Communication Between Members Of The Family.

Ground floor rooms encourage visiting guests or enable parents to live within comfort, while study areas enable children to study together in peace. Spend quality time with your loved ones in the peaceful Rivers Parks, where children can let their imaginations run free as they play on the generous playground, and adults can take leisurely stroll as they embrace the beauty of Mother Nature on the wide walk paths that interconnect the parks within Idaman Hills.

Serene Parks
Built Around The Concept Of A Natural Paradise, The Landscaping In Idaman Hills Is Lush And Natural, With A Profusion Of Mature Tress Dotting The Scenery.

Flowering shrubs, water features, natural rock formations and stonewalls create an exciting contrast that enhances the overall design. Textured walkways with inter-spaced benches and shelters complete the organic masterpiece, culminating in an environment that is both natural and sophisticated.

Take a stroll along the paved walkways or sit and chat with friends in the Shelters and benches while appreciating the calming effects of the pristine river from the Bukit Lagong Forest Reserve. Let the children climb and play on the swings and slides of the generous playground. The River Park is designed for all residents, old and young, to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Surrounding the primary road of Idaman Hills, the Linear Park runs along the center of development providing residents with a safe and convenient paved walk path to the River and Neighborhood Parks. Interspaced with benches, residents can rest and enjoy the lavish landscaping of the park which also acts as a natural buffer between homes and the primary road, providing a close link to nature for all resident.

The Neighborhood Park, situated on the highest point of Idaman Hills captures a spectacular view of the entire enclave and the Bukit Lagong Forest Reserve. Equipped with an outdoor exercise area and a kick about, this is a park that enables residents to exercise and play surrounded by mesmerizing views of the development and its natural surroundings.

Safety And Privacy Is A Key Consideration In Idaman Hills To Ensure Peace Of Mind.

Security is controlled at internal and external levels. External security consists of CCTVs, guard patrols and controlled access via the Guardhouse. Internal security further enhances security with direct intercom links and panic buttons on every level of each home.

Each home in Idaman Hills features a panic button on every level to ensure convenience in seeking assistance.

Intercoms link homes to the Guardhouse enabling seamless communication with the security personnel and enhancing security.

Access to Idaman Hills is controlled by a round-the-clock guardhouse at the only entrance to Idaman Hills.

While CCTVs installed along the perimeter security fence of Idaman Hills provide the guard house with 24-hour surveillance of the development perimeters, The Guard Patrol System monitors consistency and details of guard patrols, ensuring residents' peace of mind.